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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shannon Ray

The image attached below is "Paradise", the triptych at the Allison Hotel. The painting is of particular interest in this specific area as it depicts OUR West Valley as seen from the highpoint at the Delphian School. I was commissioned by the Austin family to show "the Bounty of Oregon" and sought a vista that could say just that. I've taught up at the Delphian School a few times, I knew that the view there was incredible, especially the coast range on the right - I found out after research that the site, at one time a Jesuit Novitiate, was actually selected because it is in view of Mt. Hood - way off to the left, barely visible in the summer due to atmospheric, and modern pollutant, haze. (I chased that mountain all over last summer, trying to get it right).
Willamina is to the right, Sheridan and Newberg beyond to the left, the Yamhill river threads through.

I've taken artistic liberties, planted a vineyard in a hay field in the foreground, a hazelnut orchard on the left, wiped out buildings and 'squished' together the horizontal while expanding the vertical to fit the composition into a statement. the color palate was very strict, the design firm of GGLO out of Seattle laid down some pretty rigid mandates. Made it a challenge that I finally actually enjoyed! It expands over 21 feet - it pleases me that the international clientele of the Hotel will see our valley!

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